Luise Schaller is an artist working in the field of drawing and illustration, based in Berlin and Leipzig, Germany.
She studied Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts and Fine Arts at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City.​​​​​​​
Get in touch for any questions, ideas, collabs or commissions:
Instagram: @luiseschaller
Selected Clients and Collaboraters
Berliner Zeitung am Wochenende, It's Nice That, Viction Workshop, SOS Humanity, SLEEK Magazine, Wobby Club, Klartext Magazin (Deutsche Journalistenschule), Berlin University of the Arts, SNNTG Festival, Tierindir Magazine

Selected Features

Selected Exhibitions
04.2024 Hätt' ich dich heut' erwartet, hätt' ich Kuchen da (group show), Scheffelstrasse 53, Karlsruhe, Germany
03.2024 It's a garden (group show), HGB Galerie, Leipzig, Germany
11.2023 All Numbers End (show with Raphael Schuhmacher), Galerie 76, Berlin, Germany (in cooperation with SOS Humanity)
09.2023 BIG PICTURE (group show), iii House, Xi'an, China
09.2023 Showcase of Young Talents (group show), LUSTR Festival Prague, Czech Republic
09.2023 Prague City Gallery Art Book Fair, Prague, Czech Republic
08.2023 ibug International Festival for Urban Art (group show), Leipzig, Germany
07.2023 Bilder schreiben, Wörter zeichnen (group show), Verwalterhaus Berlin, Germany
2018 - 2023 Rundgang University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany
04.2022 With only one month to go (group show), 7 E 7th St, The Cooper Union, New York City, U.S.A.
09.2021 Die Klasse (group show) Tabook Festival, Tabór, Czech Republic
07.2021 Hungry Eyes Festival (group show), Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin, Germany
03.2021 What could possibly go wrong? (group show), Vorspiel transmediale, Berlin, Germany
10.2019 Split Level (group show), Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße, Berlin, Germany
09.2018 Take a Swim! (group show), Rathaus Stuttgart, Germany

Published in (Selection)
It’s a book, it’s a seed to grow, it’s a world to show (Open Book Society 2024)
Wobby Club #36: Courting (Wobby Club 2023)
All Numbers End (SOS Humanity and Raphael Schuhmacher 2023) 
Bilder schreiben, Wörter zeichnen (Peter Hammer Verlag 2023) 
Tierindir #3 DRANG (Tierindir 2022) 
Comic Juju #4: Schlaraffenland (Comic Juju 2022)
SLEEK #70: The Truth Issue (SLEEK Magazine 2021)
Snail Eye #1: Smells (SQUASH 2021)
Tierindir #2 NACKT (Tierindir 2021)
SPLIT LEVEL: Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße (UdK Berlin 2020)

Publications, Zines, Comics, Books (Selection)
I didn't want any flowers (SofortBooks, Hamburg 2024)
Ich wollte keine Blumen (Berlin 2023)
I am nobody I have nothing to do with explosions (Berlin 2022)
Ruhe, Ruhe, Ruhe, Ruhe, Ruhe (with Lea Weigert, Karl Will, Shiwen Sven Wang, Maxi Messer 2023)
Die Welt sieht mich (Berlin 2021)
I Cry (Night after Night) (with Sarah Böttcher, Berlin 2021)
Candle Comic #1: Guide to being a modern lady (Candle Press, Barcelona, 2018)

Awards, Residencies, Prices
06.2024  Art Director's Club Germany Talent Award, Silver 
04.2024 kuš! Komiks Residency, Riga, Latvia
03.2024 It's a book 2024, price for student publications

Talks and Teaching
04.2024 kuš! Komiks Residency Artist Talk, Riga, Latvia
07.2023 Talk Collective Learning at Weissennsee Academy of Art Berlin, Germany

University of the Arts, Berlin (Bachelor of Arts)
Illustration class, Prof. Henning Wagenbreth
Cooper Union School of Art, New York City
Painting, drawing, print making and sculpture
Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig (Diploma)
Illustration class, Prof. Thomas Mattheus Müller
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